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Startup and Innovative Business Investment Fund

To create high yield portfolios for investors by investing in digital platforms that make people's lives easier and have the potential of expanding into the global market. 


Portfolio Companies 


Portfolio Companies 

993 093+

Capital Investments Implemented (GEL)

2 477 071

Loans Provided (GEL)


People Employed

Fund Portfolio

The fund's portfolio currently encompasses businesses from e-commerce, logistics, education, entertainment, and non-profit organizations sub-industries.

The history of Palitra Holding dates back to 1995 when the first newspaper "Kviris Palitra" was published. Since 1995, single print media has developed into the largest multimedia holding in Georgia. Today, the holding consists of 14 print media, more than 20 digital platforms, radio, television, university, publishing house, book and toy store chains, printing house, paper distribution company, advertising and event companies. The mission of Palitra Holding is to provide variety of information relevant to life such as political, business, educational...

Dimitry Kumsishvili


Palitra Group

Dimitry Kumsishvili has 20+ years managerial experience of working in public and private sectors. In the public sector, Dimitri has held the positions of First Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, Vice Mayor of Tbilisi, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development and Minister of Finance since 2012. In parallel, since 2015, as the First Vice Prime Minister of Georgia he was responsible for the government’s economic team and the country’s economic development.


Founder and Managing Partner

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